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Thanks raster. No, you are right, I didn’t really understand. If I’m going to feel that awful on the cleanse then it will have to wait a while – I definitely couldn’t exercise, or do anything else if I had flu and, since I run my own ‘one man’ business, I will need to prepare for that quite a way in advance!

I am trained in nutrition and weight management, which is why I asked the question about protein – the cleanse is obviously quite a drastic diet. I thought perhaps one of the vegetables mentioned contained protein that I wasn’t previously aware of. Now that I’ve looked at the detail of the diet I can see it is purely aimed at ridding the body of toxins, so balance is not a priority.

I was thinking about following the cleanse exactly as described but I doubt that I can function at all without a reasonable amount of protein, even without the exercise. I already have an underactive thyroid and, if I lose muscle mass, I gain weight – rapidly! Maybe I would be better just starting on the diet itself. From what you say, I assume it will take quite a while longer but I don’t mind restricting my diet as long as I can keep it reasonably balanced.