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sammcl wrote:

I took pea protein isolates (which only has 3.2g of carbs per serving), with some green powders (not wheatgrass), cinnamon, chicory coffee, stevia, glutamine, & magnesium. It doesn’t taste amazing, but thats how it is at the moment.

I’ve never tried liquid egg whites raw, its always turned my stomach the thought of drinking it tbh. But I might give it a go though. Did you find somewhere to get organic bottles?

I am a PT by trade, so it was nice to be able to get back to training. Today was the 1st time I’ve felt like I could in 3 weeks. I decided to do high volume with giant sets to get a sweat on (which will help expel toxins), & not overload my CNS with heavy loading, so not to get too tired post training.

Haha I was gagging before I tried it, but it goes down like milk!

MyProtein sell it – liquid egg whites, about 30 quid

I didn’t think they did organic, will try some next time I order from them 🙂