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benc wrote:

I wanted to share my experience here. I researched a lot of the products around and for anyone still on stage 1, 100% pure hemp protein powder is your best bet. No filler and a pure plant extract.

Warning: it tastes nasty though, mix and then neck after a heavy workout! anyone got any mixing tips? Problem is most fruits are out of the diet!

Also provides a good bit of fiber as well…

For high protein vegan energy snack I would mix it with some low fat/low carb coconut milk, some chia seeds or flax (if they are allowed?).

In general your looking for zero fat post workout & higher carbs. Obviously that isn’t suitable when you are on a candida diet, so you could use l-glutamine & l-glycine to help with recovery.

It’s more for something straight after the gym.

I was thinking about coconut milk, but I wanted to wait a few more weeks before introducing it.

Are you using anything right now protein wise?