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Wow-good luck. I hope that you are able to rest when you get home. Is this a cold turkey stop, or have you already cut-out sugar, caffeine and gluten? If not, you will have a lot of withdrawal going on. Everyone is tempted to jump right in…but sometimes a slow start is better for long-term success. Sugar withdrawal is vicious! And keep in mind that sugar isn’t just found in candy and cookies-but in almost everything.

The chia seeds will do a lot to carry you through. You can keep them with you, and swallowing 1 tsp in a glass of water (or 2 tsp) will do a lot for your energy level. They are my go-to food when I’m feeling really hungry.

And I know everyone says that coffee is out…but cutting the coffee was my tipping point. It was during summer break, the kids were home from school and I just couldn’t do it. One cup of coffee a day kept me on the rest of the diet…for me, this has worked-out in the long term.

Good luck and be patient with yourself. Remember, it probably took you some time to develop this condition-it will take you some time to get out of it- and that is okay.