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In general it looks very healthy for someone who has no health problems. However, on the candida diet you need to avoid sugars as much as possible. These protein powders have a bunch of fruits in them which will contain small amounts of natural sugar.

Also, while some candida diets put brown rice in the allowed category, we folks on the forum have had trouble with it because it does contain a small amount of gluten. Flax seeds for many is an iffy/troublesome as well; if you can handle it I wouldn’t worry too much. You need to test all of these seperately on your own to determine whether you can handle it.

I had a vitamin powder during my pre candida diet that was made from beets, pineapples, and carrots just to name a few. It was called superfood powder. I eventually had an allergic reaction to it because it was so concentrated in bad items now allowed on the diet. I have since eliminated and been pretty good.

The second link contains even worse ingredients such as wheat grass, carrot, apple pectin, and maple syrup powder just to name a few. This one is to be avoided.

The first one seemed healthier and contained FOS and digestive enzymes. A great way to get protein is to eat it in your foods through a proper diet. I would consider this as an alternative.

One of the negatives of working out is it runs your body down too much when you need the energy the most. It’ll run down your immune system and it’ll set back your recovery. You may want to wait until you feel better/stronger to work out.

You mentioned you are doin a cleanse? Is that the candida diet, or the cleanse before the diet? I am confused.