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alexalgebra;37630 wrote:

So, it has been a rough week for me feeling like I am hungry, been mainly eating egg whites and veggies. Tonight I really wanted something else, how many people eat turkey or not? Reactions, or do you just stick to chicken and fish most the time. Of course, I have to wait to start my probiotics, too. I just ordered megaflora today, but it won’t be shipped till Monday b/c it has to be packed in ice. I just get tired of the constant gas and bloat that occurs on my left abdomen all the time, but it has been even better this week on eating mainly veggies, no fruit at for the entire week. Still not sure about some foods, but I need to go grocery shopping this weekend again, too so I can make some coconut bread to try.

Why aren’t you eating the yolks? that’s where all the nutrition is, as far as I know (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

My thoughts exactly. You should be eating the yolks. They are high in Iron among other things. This disease goes hand in hand with thyroid issues and many of us tend to have lower Iron levels.