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Yes, I can’t handle the yolks on eggs all the time. I have cooked up a lot of hard-boiled eggs the past week, so then I always have it on hand. Now, last night, I had not scrambled up some eggs for quite some time, so I fixed scrambled eggs for my partner and I. They went down okay. weird, I decided that scrambled is different than hard-boiled, for me at least.

Anyways, I made an another discovery last night. I had been doing a lot of research on the website about nuts and nut butters on here. Every once in awhile, I have been eating almonds. Not a lot, just a tiny handful, or just a spoon of almond butter.

At first, I realized, if I really want to try them, to soak them overnight, which I didn’t realize before, so I did that. better!

Yesterday at the store, I decided to buy sunflower butter. I tried some last night, too with some celery. A little later, I started to feel sort of gassy and bloated, but not too bad because I didn’t have a huge helpingful, just a spoon.

I was like, why? I ate just eggs and veggies last night. I read how some nut butters still put cane juice in there. Sure enough, checked the ingredients, there it is.

Advice: Able and raster are right, be cautious with any type of nut. I am saying if you really, really want to try it. It is not hard to soak nuts overnight, and then roast them.

It is hard to read every single ingredient in things sometimes. I think I might try to make my own almond butter this week.

I am just really trying to follow the diet, but I have lost a couple pounds this past week, which concerns me. Plus, I have been very tired and feeling weak, tired of my nose being stuffed up each night. I did something right on Friday night though because for the first time I slept in a little bit, and no nose problems. I have to look back on my journal entry.

So, to help, I am going to make some coconut bread today hoping that might help with some calories a little bit.