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pwhite78 wrote: Jorge,
My doctor tested my urine for a bacteria urinary tract infection and it came back negative. I’m not sure if this is the same as testing for a bacteria infection in the prostate … This got thrown at me today so I’m trying to learn quickly. Can you confirm that these are the same things?

Also, did you take the cipro and the levaquin or just the levaquin? How long did you have to take the flucozonole and lamisil before you started getting relief from your symptoms, and how long before you were able to resolve the issue?

Thanks for your help … this message board is really great and it gives me hope that there are so many knowledgeable that are eager to help others find relief from their ailment.


Were you able to get rid of the prostatitis? I’m dealing with both Lyme Disease and Candida, and this was the last thing I needed. I’m just about to start taking Ciproflaxin tonight, even though I would rather not get back on an antibiotic. However, I’ve been dealing with the pain for 2 weeks and it’s not getting better. Any suggestions/alteratives?


I had it. In fact, everything began with a wrong diagnosed bacterial prostatitis.
It was a fungal prostatitis what was affecting me. I took several antibiotic rounds that destroyed my intestines and caused a huge intestinal fungal overgrowth.
Two Urologists didn’t have any clue about candida.

It is hard to say, but if I were you, I will take the antibiotics 72 hours watching for symptom release. If after 72 hours, the pain is still there without any change to the better, I will stop the antibiotics. Cipro and Levaquin aren’t in my list either.
I believe your Dr tested your urine. Does it show a bacterial infection ??
The urologists prescribed me Cipro and Levaquin ( I took Levaquin for 28 days ) They thought that I had a chronic bacterial prostatitis. What MDs do is to prescribe an stronger antibiotic each time and for longer time.

At the end, I discovered the fungal prostatitis by myself (just reading the same website you posted) and took Fluconazole and Lamisil to eliminate it. They worked but I have been battling a severe intestinal candidiasis triggered by those antibiotics since then.

There are other tests to confirm a bacterial prostatitis. My urine test came back negative too at that time. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the knowledge I have now ,and I followed the Drs. You should require a prostate ultrasound too. A prostate fluid drain (massage) or something like this is a more specific test.

What I am telling you is 72 hours taking a broad spectrum antibiotic is more than enough to eliminate most of the pain. If not, the antibiotics are doing nothing. Take care of yourself and don’t follow your Drs blind as I did. The antibiotics I took destroyed my intestines in 2008. Four year later, I am still battling it and don’t know what will be my end.

I took Cipro (two rounds of 10 days) later, they prescribed Levaquin for 28 days.

After 72 hours taking Fluconazole and Lamisil, my pain was almost gone. I took the antifungals for almost 3 months since I realized I had candida related complex.

I hope this help you,