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Hello, I have been checking the candida diet website, but just found out there is such great forum section with far more info with seems to be great support system…it’s wonderful!

However, I already did the cleansing using psyllium husks (whole…i actually accidentally bought the whole) and bentonite clay as this website suggested. Also liver flush every night too (garlic, olive oil, ginger mix). I did the cleansing for 7days and now I have just started the diet phase 1 on Sunday.

I wish I knew that psyllium husks can cause the internal bleeding as Able900 mentioned on the post #4.

I didn’t see any sign of blood in my stool, but is there anything that I need to be concerned now?

I will stop using these 2 items for my cleansing from now on, but I am also very surprised to find out that the info on the website and its forum have much contradictions.