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I’m on day 4 of the cleanse. Yesterday I introduced eggs into my diet (and later some dried coconut chips for the munchies). I also added a liver detox tea, since I can’t get my hands on milk thistle or bitters right now. (At least it has dandelion root and a few other good liver/gallbladder herbs!)

Last night when I was in bed reading, I took my daily Valerian root dragee and drank some “Abendtee” (lemonbalm, chamomile, and a few other herbs). About a half hour later, I started feeling really lethargic – almost drunk – like I had taken a muscle relaxant or something. (The Valerian root and tea usually help me fall asleep, but they don’t normally make me feel like that.) This morning I set my alarm for 8, but could really only get up around 11. My headaches and all-around “fuzziness” were better (the protein, maybe?), but the eczema on my lip had broken out big time. Also, I have gas today that smells like yeast. (Luckily, my bf is out of town!)

Are these all symptoms of die-off? I’m worried that my eczema has broken out again, but I know that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. I’m going to stay away from the coconut for now, as it might just be too much. But I want to make sure I’m doing everything right. I’m drinking lemon-water 2x/day (morning and afternoon on an empty stomach), drinking a lemon-ginger-garlic-olive oil-water at night before bed, and in-between simply drinking a lot of herbal tea, including the liver detox tea. Foodwise I have steamed veggies (mostly kale, Brussels sprouts, and savoy – also sometimes zucchini, eggplant, broccoli), which I am now mixing in with scrambled eggs prepared in coconut oil 2x/day (morning and evening), and I have an avocado or two in-between as a snack. For Vitamins, I’m taking lots of Vit C, B Complex Vitamins, 25 mg of Zinc, 5 mg Biotin, Omega 3, and Lysine, plus my thyroid meds.

Can I expect my eczema and weird sleep issues to continue? Will the lethargy abate as I eat more protein? (I’m thinking about having a fresh trout I bought at market tomorrow for dinner, and I might try to bake some buckwheat bread tonight.) I’m just worried because I have a HUGE week coming up and have to be able to concentrate and get lots of work done.

Thanks in advance for the advice!