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Hi there Everyone,

My name is Rayna, and I am so glad to have found that forum, and that I read this before taking the cleanse recommended on the website.

A long time ago, a friend of mine had recommended colonics to me. I had a few sessions done, but I never felt as good as she did, which I contribute to an unhealthy diet. While I was there, I got a Live Blood Analysis done. A swab of my blood was taken and put under a microscope. I was told then (8 months ago) that I had a severe amount of yeast in my blood.

Unfortunately, I was not serious about eliminating the candida, and now I am in a position where it is out of control. My symptoms include: itchy/red eyes, EXTREMELY itchy skin and irritations, brain fog, MASSIVE mood swings, and ridiculous cravings for sweets.

I am finally ready to take care of myself, and I just have a few questions.

Between all that I have read, I am deciding to eliminate all possible risk factors, and my diet will consist of:

1)Warm water in the morning
2) Lemon juice in water
3) Probiotic/ oil of oregano

get to work…

4) Grape seed bitters
5) Breakfast:Organic eggs with steamed veggies; Coconut oil (if I should take the antifungals right away)
6) Noon: Lemon juice,
grape seed bitters, spinach salad, olive oil, steamed veggies
7) Dinner: Lemon juice, grape seed bitters, steamed veggies, and organic eggs

– I am going to drink the lemon juice 3 times a day, begin taking oil of oregano 10 drops – 2 times a day, morning probiotic, grape seed bitters before each meal

My questions are:

1) Should I begin taking the antifungals (coconut oil, garlic pills) from the start of cleanse. Or, should i wait until after the die off? What is the most effective route?
2) Can Molybdenum be taken throughout the cleanse, or should it only be used during the die off?
3) And lastly, out of curiosity, why is it that Birth Control is one of the worst causes? I am on birth control and after reading your post I am 99% sure I will stop using it.

Like others, I really want to get rid of the Candida, and I am looking forward to beginning the cleanse. Whatever advice is great.


And on a side note: Digestive Grape Bitters has 20% Grain Alcohol. What is the meaning of this! shouldn’t it be bad?

: )

Able, you wrote that birth control was one of the worst causes. Wow, have you any idea why? Just interested. I will definitely stop taking it.
2) I am not clear if I should take the antifungals from day 1 of the cleanse, or a few weeks after I have begun to eliminate the candida?