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I’d consider cutting out the flax cookies to see if you make more progress without them. I used to eat sunflower seeds earlier in my diet, and then eventually 3 months later I had food reactions to them because of the mold content. Even though you might not react to them, the molds could be setting back your progress.

You might just be having a bad week where your immune system is more taxed than normal. If you have a few bad nights of sleep, this can set back your whole week and make your symptoms return. Are you getting 8 hours of sleep every night?

Also, with the SF722 I would not up the doseage of this because it isn’t meant to increase. You should just keep it at the same level of doseage (6 capsules per day). If you want to increase the doseage of other antifungals such GSE than this is completely ok.

Another possibility is that the candida has become resistant to the GSE so it isn’t dying off as much (or the opposite and it is dying more). It can adapt easily to antifungals such as GSE, but cannot adapt easily to SF722. You might want to consider switching to oregano oil, coconut oil, etc. to see if you get more die-off.

There is a possibility that the die-off is still continuing. I personally still had die-off after 1.5 months into the diet. If the die-off toxins have no where to go, then they re-circulate throughout the body causing symptoms. Also, if you are only having one bowel movement per day or less, than this isn’t good because candida can thrive on the food that is fermenting in the gut. Grape bitters and other supplements can aid digestion. Improving digestion is one of the top goals you should have with the diet.