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This sounds a lot like die-off. Are you taking Molybdenum?
Yes, I’m taking Molybdeum too everyday.

You named all the the supplements you’re taking, but you didn’t say if you had changed or added any of those just prior to the increase in symptoms.
I’ve maintained the same doseage for the GSE and probiotics. Since the start of the treatment. I should clarify that I’ve been on several versions of treatments for the past year. I’ve always been taking GSE. The treatment I listed above has been in place for about a month now.

If this is the Candida returning, there’s always a definite reason as it doens’t just return if the protocol hasn’t changed at all unless you’re not alternating the antifungals. Are you doing this?
I do rotate in Oil of Oregano and Coconut Oil but I keep taking the SF722 or GSE.
I notice the symptoms when I eat, not when I take my supplements.