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jameskep, I do plan on restesting hair, but I’m really not focused on that right now. I’m 3 years behind the ball here, and I am just enjoying day dreaming again.

raster, the name of the book is Amalgam Illness…Dr. Cutler’s method is considered the safest and has been around for 10+ years.

If you join the yahoo frequent dose chelation group, there is a wealth of information on the subject. One thing that is pretty consistent…I see a lot of stories of people who had naturopaths who screwed them up on random chelation protocols. My nurse in Seattle said that she’s had people come to her that were confined to wheelchairs from bad protocols. I would ask your guy to give you some success stories form his patients. I found the nurse in Seattle from reading the book of one of her fully recovered patients. The book is called Getting The Mercury Out.

I am supplementing like crazy, adding minerals and all kinds of pills to replace all the things that chelation takes out of your body along with the toxic metals.