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Man I didn’t know about the extent this thread continued after I stopped following it!

The way I look at things is that both BPA and mercury in the body are bad. Its best to prevent cavities before they happen.

And I also think that floggi is not looking at the mercury success stories out there on the web from people who have started chelation and feel good suddenly like titan.

I personally believe that the testing is likely not good enough for them to scientifically indicate anything in regards to mercury. Measuring tiny amounts of an element in the body seems quite difficult in my opinion…

And another thing worth mentioning about the ADA is they believe fluoride is good for us when in fact it is widely used in insecticides and poisons around the world. It is quite toxic and a bottle of toothpaste if consumed at once can kill you. The ADA won’t look at this topic whatsoever, its all about strong teeth!

Floggi does bring up good points but there is a whole realm of naturopath’s and alternative doctor’s that will disagree with him and the studies he has produced.

And it shouln’t be only about mercury either. Its all the heavy metals that harm us including things like lead. If I had high lead levels, wouldn’t it be a general idea to remove it from the body?

Another thing worth mentioning about mercury is the EPA considers it to be harmful and they have set levels/standards to measure this harm. The EPA and ADA have different and conflicting statements about mercury and what it can do to the body.