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You know, this is why I’m off this forum. People come out of the woodwork to start arguing.

All I did was tell you guys that I think I might have found the answer and presented REAL recovery stories.

When people who are NOT medical professionals come on these forums and present “facts” as law, it can confuse and stress out the readers.

I wasn’t presenting facts, just what I’ve learned so far. I’ve read many books on mercury and watched Mercury Undercover to educate myself. MU is a documentary with several medical professionals providing their expertise on the subject. How come the PhD from the University of Kentucky didn’t say that mercury amalgams are negligible??

Are you a medical professional Floggi? Or are you simply reading information on the Internet like the rest of us? You sound very intelligent and I’m sure you’ve done your homework, but nothing I presented is controversial – remove the source of the poison safely, avoid re-exposure, and chelate to get the metals out of the body, while following a low carb/sugar/starch/gluten diet, and supplementing minerals, vitamins, and probiotics.

And what exactly is wrong with what im doing? I removed my amalgams months ago safely and the pain in my face is gone. I avoid fish now. I am taking chelators to pull the mercury out of the body.

This topic is meant to be a positive story. Why is every topic on this forum argued so much? We can’t even agree on diets or antifungals. I’m so TIRED of sick people arguing. I have learned a lot on the internet and it could save my life eventually, but this is why i dont come online anymore.

Just try to find out what is wrong with YOURSELF, then choose your path, and get on with life. I’ve stopped researching Mercury months ago. Now I’m going out to parties, enjoying my career again, etc.

It seems there is a never ending non-consensus to alternative medicine. I for one am just going to get back to my life and remain stress free and happy that I believe I found a cure.