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LOL. The same FDA that supports our food pyramid and other retarded things?

Have you seen how the government works? Lobbiests pay money and things stay how they are. I don’t put much trust into the gov’t. They’re people and screw up a lot too.

But between BPA and mercury. I would take BPA anyday. We all know mercury is VERY toxic.

First off your science stuff is crap. LOL. The Dental Association would look very bad if they suddenly recalled amalgam fillings.

Amalgam is an alloy. That means the HG is not binded to anything. It is simply a mixture of Mercury, tin and other things.

The mercury is NOT bounded to any other atoms chemically, it is only joined up physically together.

So when it is ground on and other things, Mercury is getting released into you as well as tin silver and other metals. Not some harmless compound with mercury as part of it.

Mercury is bad in any amount. And it really doesn’t belong in people’s mouths.

All of you saying amalgam is harmless get out of here with your shitty science.

There are also non BPA fillings, though they are hard to find.