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Well, one thing I noticed in my old apartment is that “dust” covered everything I owned, and I am pretty sure it was mold spores. So keep an eye out for these dust mold spore suckers. Check out the corners of all of the rooms in your home because this is where moisture can accumulate and mold can grow.

My mold was in the bathroom because we didn’t have a bathroom fan. I didn’t clean it and told my landlord who did nothing, and a year later I have health problems. It caked much of the walls and the room smelled like “mildew.” Mold has a very musky smell and it can get into everything that you own, including your clothes.

It can also grow in places that you cannot see, such as in the attic, behind walls, in the floorboards, or heating ducts. I remember hearing horror stories about mold where someone bought a house, did some remodelling, and found a secret room that was filled with mold. A little note was left saying “here’s our little secret.”

Mold messed up my life and I could go on and on about it. It is to not be taken lightely and can cause many health problems. I had seizures in my apartment, my hair fell out, and I only felt better when I was somewhere else. I basically looked like I had cancer.