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Hi Able,

Thanks for the feedback. that’s very interesting about the Udos 5, I hadn’t even thought of checking the ingredients as I assumed Udos 8 would be superior. I’ll get both I think. they’re about €24 a bottle so if I take both that’ll still be cheaper than paying for the one from the States + shipping. (I didn’t bother to complain… I’ve learned to pick my battles and not get myself stressed about things unless they really warrant it! I just couldn’t be arsed to make a fuss over this, I’ll just vote with my feet, and my wallet!)

CT – you’re right, Holland & Barratt never have had refridgerated sections here either and for that reason I never buy probiotics there. I also find most of their vitamins & supplments have fillers & nasties and they don’t carry good brands like Solgar. Some brands of probiotics say they don’t need refridgeration and the same brands tend to have fillers and maltodextrin in them so are to be avoided anyway.

I use 2 other shops:- The Quay Co-op (I think this is just a local Irish store, there are 2 near me outlets and it’s bloody good! Does all the organic fresh veg as well as the supplements, kefir, things like the buckwheat soba & all baking goods and most importantly the refridgerated probiotics.) Also “Here’s Health” – is that in the UK? They do all Solgar stuff, big fridge area, all the baking stuff, ACV etc etc.

Thomas – I second your theory about the potential buy off. But it’s so difficult to know isn’t it?!