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Able900 wrote: Interesting. Have you ever questioned the owners concerning the possibility of the probiotics going bad?

The only suggestion I can come up with is to do what Lucy is doing; take high doses of other probiotics containing as many strains as available, add lots of homemade kefir, organic Greek yogurt, and sauerkraut to your diet as well as lots of prebiotics to keep them thriving.


I haven’t actually questioned them, I was worried about the answer to be honest as buying the probiotics from holland’s was my ownly option at the time. Hmm maybe I should write to them and ask though because it isn’t like the store does not have any fridges in it! I think I will stock up on the more natural probiotics and try and find a probiotic from the shop Lucylu suggested.

Lucylu- thank you for the suggestions. I don’t have a here’s health store but I looked at the website and they deliver to the UK so I am definitely going to look into that store.