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Hello, Lucy.

I wonder if there the company would accept the agreement of a full money back guarantee, in writing and sent to your email address if the product is not packed as requested and is useless when you receive it. I would also request (again in writing) that they agree to accept the return shipping charges if they request that the product be returned. I suppose it might be worth a shot? Or, maybe you’ve already done this.

Shipped from the US to Ireland without ice, yep, it had to be ruined during that time. Or was it shipped from another location? At any rate, in America, we’d say this sucks.

To address your concern about your new protocol:
Conducting a rather short search, I didn’t find Udo’s Super 8 formula containing DDS-1 strain, does it contain this? If not, I did see that their Super 5 formula does. Keep in mind that, even if the count is much lower, the probiotic is likely to still be more beneficial if it contains the DDS-1 strain.
Otherwise, your maintenance looks quite workable considering the progress you’ve made in such a relatively short period of time.

Way to go, Lucy.