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I have been researching for a while for a decent probiotic. I have come up with two that I could buy from Amazon. Able if you have the time please could you verify if they are okay for me?

Biokult has 14 strains (2 billion per capsule). It does not seem to contain any candida feeding ingredients, but I could be wrong. Also does not need to be refridgerated. The only strains it does not have that the mega flora contains is the DDS-1, bulgaricus and reuteri.

I was thinking of taking an additional probiotic with the DDS-1 strain (3 billion) by Swanson ultra original L.Acidophilus (Dr. Shahani’s). This was the only one I could find with DDS-1 that I could easily buy in the UK

It does contain gelatin so I am not sure whether it is worth the risk or not?