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Thank you Able for this great Post and the work you did for us again and again!

you said:

It was extremely hot weather and when she received it a little over a week later, there was no ice in the package. She went ahead and took some that day, and was very sick on her stomach for the next 24 hours or so.

How do we know that it was not die-off? I wonder with Probiotics that I react so strong to them. Is that die-off or are they bad? Here in Europe they dont ship with ice and the bottles are standing in the shops, not in the fridge or freezer but in the open on shelf’s. They could be standing there for weeks. I ordered online from a shop with very good probiotics but they too dont ship with ice and dont have a policy for it.

When I take my probiotics I always get reaction from the. The reactions are stress in the stomach and guts. There is something going one and it results that my vegetative nervous system in the stomach starts freaking out and spreading trough the entire body. When I stop taking it, the sympthoms calm down greatly.

How do you read these signs. Is that die-off and stress in the body because of the toxins?