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Lucy – I’ve been looking into the probiotics and came across the following in Megafood’s blog:

“Don’t leave without taking your MegaFlora or MegaFlora Plus (Kids n Us MegaFlora is great if your children will be travelling with you). This broad spectrum, high potency probiotic can help maintain digestive regularity (and keep you smiling). It is fine outside of the refrigerator for up to a couple of weeks – just take what you are going to need for your trip and leave the rest in your refrigerator at home.”

Link –

so fingers crossed your money wasn’t wasted.

I also found this place that sells Megaflora in the UK MegaFlora®, but who’s to say whether it has been stored correctly in the first place? I’m getting a bit cynical now as to whether it’s worth asking.

CT – I also looked into DDS-1 a little more closely and also came across Dr. Shahani’s DDS-1 strain. I’d like to ask Able especially, or anyone else what they think of this claim:

If I’ve understood it correctly, Dr. Shahani is the person who discovered the original DDS-1 strain on which he carried out viability experiments, but it required a specific isolation technique which he patented.

I’m not suggesting that Dr. Shahani’s procedures couldn’t be replicated in other labs, but they seem to be implying that if his patented method or original strain is not used, then it may not be DDS-1.
Or do you think it is just a money-making scheme?

Also, I’d just like to reiterate thanks to everyone, but in particular Able for all the helpful info that I’ve found on this site. I’ve just started out on my anti-candida diet and if it wasn’t for this site I’d be completely lost! I did carry out an anti-candida diet some years ago and was completely confused with all the conflicting info – I feel Able has gone above and beyond with his help and citation of scientific sources which has at last given me some piece of mind and the courage to start again. Go Able!!