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As I am purchasing everything I will need to begin this I am wondering a few things about both kefir and probiotics. First, concerning the probiotics, I am already taking a 25 Bil, probiotic each night before I go to bed that has 5 strains. I plan on rotating soon but am wondering if I should stop taking my current probiotics for the first week of the diet PLUS the first week I introduce the kefir? Meaning I would be without probiotics for the first 3-4 weeks of the diet? This is fine if necessary but I want to clarify in case it would be better to be taking them during the initial weeks of the diet?

Also, some say to take with food some say without, both on bottles as well as individual people….does it matter? Which provides the good bacteria the best chance at doing their job?

Re: kefir, should commercial probiotics be taken at the same time as the kefir is drank or another time? Is anyone familiar with the Kefir Lady in Ohio and have you used her? I emailed her tonight in hopes of getting some decent grains going ASAP. Thanks for the help!