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Angor wrote: I don’t want to take probiotics orally since i’m 99% sure I have SIBO and they give me problems when taken this way. I’ve tried Probiotic enemas; probiotics mixed with water, but I don’t like it. I have a strong feeling that water in my colon = not good and I can’t hold it in anyway. So I was thinking. And this may sound like a ridiculously naive and somewhat unpleasant plan. What if I just put a pill up my … and let it melt. Can’t the probiotics find their way up my colon this way too? Or am I just waaaaay off.

The best Probiotic in the world !!

Dr. Michael S. Silverman, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of Toronto, reported in the journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology on seven cases in which do-it-yourselfers achieved “100 percent clinical success.” They received step-by-step instructions about how to mix a small quantity of stool (1.7 ounces) with slightly less than 7 ounces of saline in a blender until it reaches “milkshake” consistency, pour the mixture into an enema bag and then administer according to directions provided with the enema bag kit.

Easy and simple !