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EVERYONE STOP WAISTING YOUR MONEY!!!!! GET KEFIR GRAINS they are the real deal alive strands of probiotics. They are ancient from tibet and I cured my candidia from them. KEFIR EATS CANDIDIA!! You have to love them and take care of them because there well love them and they will heal you. I am living proof and I had leaky gut and grew yeast on my SKIN!!!! These are not the crap in the store loaded with sugar and half the strains as the kefir your grains will produce at home. AND you can make cheese from them and white sauces, I make sourdough bread the kefir raises the dough where yeast used to!!! Im telling you i tried everything probiotics as well it is not the answer the answer is rebalacing the natural flora..You do not have to worry about taking them on an empty stomach either cause they wont hurt your LIVER OR KIDNEYS or stomach lining. ALSO you feed them a glass of milk thats 2.59 every 2 weeks 5 bucks a month verses how much in HARMOCOLOGY!!!