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Able, to change my post to put that product in a better light would be incredibly wrong to everyone here. I know you had good results with it and defend it, but I didn’t and I would like everyone to know my experience so they are aware. Why should they waste time and money? Everyone’s bodies are so different that what works for one person cannot always work for another. That product WAS the cause of my problem.

Obviously I had listed alternatives as in buying direct from the store and taking sauerkraut and coconut kefir, so your point is moot. Anyone reading my post could follow the same and buy a different probiotic, or choose to take their chances anyway with Ultimate Flora. But it did nothing for me, even more so than ThreeLac and I can’t report any benefits from it. This is especially disparaging considering how expensive it is.

I would rather have sauerkraut every day and know at least I am getting live probiotics than a product where I don’t know if its dead or alive. If you can provide some scientific research in showing the probiotics in sauerkraut are essentially ineffective towards candida I would like to see it.

raster, if heat from transport caused the probiotics to die, then I would think all the cultures would die and render the product ineffective. Probiotics are supposed to aid IBS, not cause it, and I cannot find any scientific backing that dead candida is causing constipation by probiotic.

I had already been taking ThreeLac from the start so I started the 50 billion. Thanks for your advice though, I won’t quit on probiotics yet.