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Able900 wrote: Pina, first there’s simply no way that 50 billion flora-building beneficial bacteria wasn’t killing Candida in your system, even if some of the bacteria were destroyed in the shipment, otherwise, why would it cause constipation as it would be rendered impotent? Are you saying that the dead bacteria caused your constipation?

I repeat: I cannot find any scientific backing that dead candida is causing constipation by probiotic. And I have no idea of the effects of taking dead probiotics, do you?

Able900 wrote: In one post you wrote, “… this doesn’t seem to make sense, one guess is that lack of refrigeration killed the potency of this probiotic in the mail.” But in the other post you seemed to dismiss this possibility completely when you wrote, “That product WAS the cause of my problem.” Iā€™m just wondering what happened to the first theory.

Able, if you read the title of this thread you can see your comment does not make sense. I know what the cause of the problem, and I was trying to get to the root of it. I was also expressing my surprise and disbelief and dismay about the problem.

Able900 wrote: Going with the theory that the probiotic, which was supposed to be refrigerated, was spoiled during shipment makes much more sense than claiming that the specific brand caused your problem.

It does not make more sense. First of all, it is a theory, not a true fact. Secondly, other people who purchase this product online would not want to buy it knowing the condition they will receive it in, even if the product is helpful.

All the sites you are linking are sites that are selling something. If you can list an actual scientific studies, this would be much more candid. Many of these sites will list multiple symptoms and products to reel people in, without any basis in fact.

I do realize you are trying to help, and I thank you. And if it seems I am getting irritable, do blame the candida šŸ˜‰ But I just cannot find any satisfactory proof that this is the reaction I should be getting. I’m going to take a break now and later try another high-quality probiotic and post my results.