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I’ve been on the strict diet for over two months now. I have not been able to take much coconut oil, due to severe die-off, but I have managed to get up to four teaspoons a day. I take 250mg of Molybdenum every day, as well as Milk Thistle occasionally.
I eat only organic eggs, salad, coconut bread, olive oil and sesame oil. This has been my diet for the last two and a half months.
After about six weeks on the diet I tried to introduce buckwheat, which was disastrous, so I have not attempted any other introduction since. Last Sunday, one week ago today, I took a teaspoon of probiotics for the first time and have suffered tremendously for it. The probiotic caused all my original symptoms to come back, which include sever eczema on the hands, arms, and legs, as well as a swollen face that lasts for days.

This is probably die-off symptoms. Increase the Molybdenum to 750 mcg a day divided into three separate doses.
What’s the name of the probiotic you’re taking?

My question is this: First, has anybody else found probiotics to be such a menace, and what, if anything can you tell me about how you made it work.

We made it work by taking extra Molybdenum, soaking in a hot tub every day, and drinking tons of water – all to help relieve the die-off symptoms.

Secondly, I keep reading that probiotics are such an integral ingredient to the healing process. How integral are they, seeing as how it looks like I can’t take any for a long time.

They’re the “most” important part of your treatment, and I would bet my house that the infestation can’t be cured without them.