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Thanks William. I am not sure if i went through that and what i am experiencing now…but i think i went through die off before i ever started the diet. it was about 2 days after starting probiotics…i got a sore throat, headache, achy all over for about a week or so…it went away for a few days then it came back for a few days. i felt like it may have been die off.
Sore throat and all is gone. i started the diet 4 days ago and now i feel really weak. I am eating plenty of food although i have lost 6 lbs in that short period of time. does this sound normal for Candida? i am trying to learn the signs of die off. i know they vary for each person but i felt this was a little unusual feeling being so weak. as in can hardly walk from zero energy to get me across the room. AS the day goes on though, i tend to get a little better. this weakness started 24 hours after I started the diet.

I am taking milk thistle, Vit C, and molybdenum for possible die off.

please bare with me as i am new at this and have been reading my head off on this stuff. i am trying really hard even though this is one tough diet.