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Thanks Orka for your reply. Well today I am feeling somewhat better. A little bit more energy. Yes it is very scary cause I didnt know if it was normal. I am also taking vitamins and other herbs as well. Although it seems I need Vit A from what I am reading.
I think my body is freaking out because it hasnt gotten any sugar. LOL. Thats ok, although I already miss my sweets. 🙂 I dont feel like I am craving them so much now. That’s a good sign I am sure.
I think I will just take it easy, get plenty of rest and take my vitamins. I am still learning the what i can and cat eat thing. I thought I could have beans and carrots. But i see I cant. i had two tbps of beans. Man they were good too but it appears I cant have those. But I will say, being 5 days into this, I actually am not waking up with those horrible headaches and am not feeling the need to grab the allergy meds to try to help the pressure I feel as well. So really even though I am weak, I am feeling a little better. That is encouragement to make me want to keep going. yes your right, it definitely got worse..I hope it only gets better from here on out. I am surprised I am already feeling a difference though since I have been like this for years.
Oh, I need to find a different probiotic that isnt too expensive. I am out of work right now so its kind of tough. But I been taking one that is 70 billion with the DDS-1. Guess I should step that up. Time for me to switch. Been taking these about 2..maybe 3 weeks.