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In terms of the yogurt. I dont think they may be suitable for everyone. Heres a popular one that says it is not good for people with lactose intolerance.
Im sure that this affects everyone differently. I know Im better off without it.

I understand where you’re coming from, Positivo, and I’m certainly not suggesting that everyone eat what I’m eating once they’re cured since we all have to keep in mind what you’ve just written, that foods will affect everyone differently. But Jo asked about the foods I eat and how I introduced them, and that’s the way I thought was best to clearly describe it, and I do eat Greek unsweetened yogurt now on a daily basis mixed with coconut cream and Stevia.

Concerning the sour cream and pimento cheese, I don’t eat the pimento cheese that often, maybe once a week, but I do have the sour cream in the jalapeno poppers several times a week. I’ve never mentioned this before because I don’t want the newbies to get the wrong idea and start eating sour cream during the first stage of the diet, but for those who are not aware of how sour cream is made; in order to ‘sour’ the cream, the cream is exposed to lactic acid bacteria cultures and allowed to ferment. In fact, the tangy, sour taste actually comes from the lactic acid. Of course, just as with yogurt, there are different degrees of fermentation one must watch for, but some of the brands actually add live cultures of probiotics to each batch towards the end of the manufacturing process. Horizon Organic sour cream is one of the brands I’m familiar with, and in fact, Breakstone, Horizon Organics, and Dean’s have all added a probiotic-fortified variety of cottage cheese to their product line.