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Jo*Jo wrote: When you came off the diet, did you introduce “normal” foods slowly, just like in the diet?

Very, very slowly, Jo. You’re basically going through a long period of slowly testing foods when you start to come off of the diet.
I don’t know about the rest of you, but during my treatment my only goal was to be rid of the infestation and to be completely symptom free for the rest of my life. My goal was NEVER to be able to eat sugary and high carb foods again.

If you’ve suffered for months with various Candida symptoms, then you should consider that simply being symptom-free and healthy is a huge improvement in your in your lifestyle and health.

I still eat basically all the foods on the diet, and at this point some of the foods I’ve added that I didn’t eat on the diet are:

Jalapeno poppers; these are breaded and contain sour cream. I eat these almost daily as a natural, maintenance dose of antifungals (jalapenos).

Breaded okra as well as breaded, fried chicken and fish.

Pimento cheese & humus


Apples or pears

Millet & Flax chips (these should only be eaten on the 2nd phase of the strict diet)

All types of beans, such as limas, Navy/white beans, pintoe beans, black eyed peas, Crowder peas, garbanzo (chickpea), etc. I eat these on a daily basis because for the most part I have chicken or fish only a few times a week (Cajun breaded white fish are my favorite choice). About twice a month I’ll have chili with beef from organically raised cattle. And about once a month I enjoy having homemade gumbo with turkey, shrimp, and Italian sausage.

My mother, sister and girlfriend all cook with Stevia (not because of me, but because they’re naturally health-oriented individuals); so occasionally I’ll have a serving of one of their desserts such as pound cake or banana pudding.

I normally have 2 to 3 small glasses of a quality wine per week.

I work in a large city and travel for business several times a month, so whether I’m at home or away, I go to restaurants 5 to 6 times a week, sometimes more.

Once you’ve reached a symptom-free state for several months, the secret to remaining that way is to avoid overeating any foods that have the potential of feeding Candida. That’s why my sugar content is at a bare minimum. It’s also wise to have a daily intake of a natural antifungal source such as garlic, jalapenos or coconut oil, or if not the foods, perhaps a weekly dose of oregano oil. It’s also important to continue having prebiotic foods such as fiber-green-vegetables and having Greek yogurt as well as kefir occasionally.

I believe that once you’ve experienced the full force of a Candida infestation, even after you’re completely symptom-free, it’s going to be easier for you to contract the infestation again. I know this isn’t what you all want to hear, but I’ve seen it happen with too many people not to believe it. Still, personally I’d rather eat a healthy diet rather than suffer from the symptoms all over again and possibly for the rest of my life; I believe these are, unfortunately, your only two choices.