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So if you ask me about a food and I claim for absolute certainty that it will feed the Candida and cause Candida reactions in your body either immediately or eventually, it’s because I tested the food while researching the diet. I either experienced Candida reactions to a negative food or, over time if I found that a food was stalling the treatment I removed it along with every other problematic food item, very slowly and one item at a time. The process was extremely slow because I would only allow myself a few different foods during a day’s time in order to test a specific food so that I would know which one was causing the problem. Once I found the right combination of food and probiotics, it only took six to eight weeks to reach a complete, zero symptoms, zero die-off state – which didn’t return. And by the way, for anyone who isn’t sure, I’m no longer on the diet.


I’m very grateful. I dont know about others but it may be the same.. when I question something in the diet its to understand rather than to pick holes.

When you came off the diet, did you introduce “normal” foods slowly, just like in the diet?