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The only SIBO test I know is the Hydrogen Breath Test (HBT). The HBT test can be ordered online. from a health professional and shipped to a country where they have the machines to test the kits. Cedars in Los Angeles tests kits from around the world; for instance.

There are two SIBO treatments but, don’t know how one is chosen over the other: perhaps location of symptoms? Mine has almost always been lower right quadrant, so they probably assumed it was lower small intestine. My treatment was a 15 day Vivonex protocol; nothing swallowed for the duration other than Vivonex. The idea is Vivonex is predigested and is absorbed in the upper small intestine, thereby starving bacteria lower in the GI tract and killing off the overgrowth.

Assume the other treatment of abxs is used on patients with upper quadrant GI pain but, don’t have any experience on the subject. I had been treated with so many abxs prior to the sibo dx they should have taken care of any bacterial issues.

You can try Vivonex and see what happens, though I have recently been advised people have claimed Vivonex caused their candida OG.

Vivonex is disgusting so make sure to buy Nestle’s flavor packets.