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Angor wrote: Enemas has been a hot topic on the boards lately. But what about probiotic enemas? What do you guys know about them? Would it be beneficial?

I’m pretty sure I have SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) and I think I also have candida due to certain symptoms. What I know about SIBO is that the cleansing waves that normally sweeps bacterias from the small intestine is not functioning as they should. That’s why it seems a bit supid to keep adding bacteria orally.

Does anyone have info about this? Would probiotic enemas be beneficial for candida or SIBO or both? Or none? I heard people with ulcerative colitis have gotten great results from doing this.

There is way to get proper diagnosis for SIBO.
I don’t know how a Probiotic enema may benefit you if SIBO is your health problem.
Regarding to candida, even having an overgrowth in the colon, I don’t believe probiotics can correct it. The colon flora is very complex and most of the bacteria living there are anaerobic or facultative anaerobic. They offer inhibitory effects against fungal colonization when they dominate. But, they can not displace candida to growth in the area at least you eradicate the fungus first.
Anyway, all this is experimental and you can try any method that may give you relief.