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I thought I had SIBO because of my IBS symptoms and I every gastroenterologist in my are and asked them if they do the hydrogen breath test until I found one that did. I scheduled an appointment and went but they told me that that I’d have to schedule another appointment to come back in and do it and it would take a few hours. I in turn told them that I know that QuinTron has an online service where you can do the breath test at home. The Dr. stepped away and went and researched it and came back and said it was legit and I proceeded to order it online.

I got the test via FedEx and drank the sugar solution (SO SWEET :P) and did the breath test. I packaged it up and sent the samples off. A week later, I got a letter in the mail saying my results were negative.

So with SIBO eliminated, and with me exhibiting these symptoms:

Oral Thrush:

Dry Cough:

Irritable Bowel Syndrom:

I’m am starting to believe that I have a Candida type problem going on. I just hope whatever it is, I can finally identify it and eliminate it. And if it has to be Candida, so be it.