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tanyanurse;45214 wrote: I noticed that all the water kefir recipes I found include sugar. Is that allowed on the strict candida diet?

Kefir is just like a probiotic meaning that it contains beneficial bacteria; only kefir contains more strains of bacteria than most probiotics. When you make kefir from the grains it has to ferment, the only way it can do this is with sugar or something like fruit which contains a type of sugar. This means that the sugar is ‘used up’ during the fermentation process, and the end product contains a very small amount. At any rate, the benefits of kefir far outweigh the possibility of it containing a small amount of sugar.
Think about the fact that every member on the forum who has followed the diet and protocol has drank kefir throughout his or her treatment, this includes myself, and I’ve been completely symptom free for over two years.