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Hey it’s me again. It’s been 2 weeks using the boric acid, oil of oregano, and even ACV washes, and I still have BV and an elevated PH. So now I’m up to 2 months of BV and all the natural remedies have failed. I’ve been on this strict diet for almost a year now, so please don’t tell me that “diet” will just correct this…because clearly it won’t, and I shouldnt be having this problem in the first place. Does anyone have any other ideas, because I’ve researched this to death and have tried everything including:

H202 douches for 2 weeks
ACV douches/ drinks
Expensive vaginal probiotics
Oral probiotics (been on for a year)
Kefir (for like 6 months)
Tea tree oil suppositories
Boric Acid capsules inserted vaginally for 2 weeks
Oil of oregano

What else could there possibly be left aside from antibiotics? Someone mentioned rephresh, but I’ve tried that stuff before and it doesn’t work even half as well as Boric Acid, which isn’t working for me. 2 weeks of BA is more than enough time on it…typically it works in a few days. BA is serious business too.

Anyway, I’m getting frustrated with the whole thing and unsure if I’m missing anything. My period is due soon, so I’ll probably start Metrogel after that and take 2 diflucans to prevent hte dreaded YI. I’m sure that won’t work either, and then I’ll be even more in the whole…ugh!!!