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spider;44932 wrote: For a few years now, I have been prescribed Tramadol which I occasionally switch up with Vicodin.

I currently have both, and use either – 2 or 3 times a week max to help treat the chronic spine and shoulder pain I have.

— I have Kyphosis and early degenerative disc disease which causes me pain + impingement and instability in my shoulders (both have gotten better in the past few years and are continuing to improve with my cutting out weight living and playing less basketball: a contact sport which irritates my discs and shoulders) – I am also doing physical therapy and seeing specialists etc….Note, I used to take Tramadol almost everyday.

So are these prescription painkillers bad for the Candida diet? Will they impede my ability to heal? I don’t necessarily NEED them, but they do help when I have been on my feet for hours and have been carrying trays of food/cocktails (I work part-time during the summer as a caterer…I serve at cocktail parties, weddings, private dinners etc.)

If I do need to cut them out completely, I am willing to do so. But perhaps using them on occasion isn’t bad? If you have any insight, please let me know.

I have also heard of some natural pain-killers. I am not sure if they work, or if they are safe for the candida diet. Please let me know if you have any information on these 2 products or anything else you use for pain:

Willow Bark

I read about it here:

Pain RX
Read positive reviews about it here on Amazon, however it has a lot of ingredients, none of which I am certain are safe in terms of not feeding candida.

Pain RX ingredients:

Thanks amigos

Hi there,

Working in a hospital I see patient’s that are in a similar situation as you (as far as chronic pain issues) and I think many of them would have a difficult time switching from the drugs you mentioned above to natural ones. Both are somewhat “addictive” and people can develop tolerances to them. With that said, you are not them and you are doing adjunct things, such as physical therapy to help with this.

Vicodin has acetaminophen, is liver toxic, so… is that great for candida infection? No. I would think (someone else could chime in) Tramadol would have a less impact on what you are trying to do since it is not known as being liver toxic in the way acetaminophen products are.

I have one other natural suggestion, Zyflamend. I have recommended it before on here (check it out):