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I’m struggling with using raw milk.

You don’t have to use raw milk, just purchase a good organic brand.

Go ahead and order a kefir starter while you’re at it; otherwise you’ll have to wait for the grains to do their thing; meanwhile you need to be drinking kefir. Purchase the Body Ecology Kefir Starter Kit from their website only. Purchasing from Amazon or another store could lead to a culture that’s too old to use. This happened to me once in the beginning when I ordered it from Amazon, and I leaned by lesson.

Read the post below to see the probiotic brands, strains, and count that the forum members are using. You’re right; you do need a higher strain and count of probiotic. The brands we recommend are usually between $48.95 and $50.00 for 30 capsules depending on where you make your purchase.

The Fage brand of Greek yogurt is fine; it’s used by a lot of the members including myself.