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I was doing some research and one Candida site recommended to take PRE-Biotics? Do any of you take these?

Of course, they’re on the forum’s protocol. If you bring a puppy home but fail to feed it, what happens? The same goes for new beneficial bacteria.

Does it make sense to take both PRO-Biotics & PRE-Biotics at the same time?


I want to take the Flora-Smart Probiotic (seems like the best one) but I wonder if I should be taking both or just stick to probiotic?

As I stated, you need to take both during your treatment. How many billions does this probiotic contain? Also, unless it contains Lactobacillus acidophilus-DDS1 it’s not going to work as well on a Candida infestation.

I don’t know much about pre-biotic except it feeds the pro-biotics and gives good bacteria from my understanding of the explination on the site?


Also, what antifungal do you recommend the most? Grapfruit seed, oregeno, coconut..etc? Do you take more than 1 type or is that over doing it?

The answers are on this post.
Antifungals & Doses

This is The Protocol which most of the forum members are using.