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raster wrote: You can find good regular non-powder or non-liquid vitamins that contain no additives; examples include solgar, nature’s way, soloray, and swansons to name a few.

Liquid and powder vitamin supplements do absorb better and may be more beneficial to your treatment. I haven’t experimented with them but this is all I know.

A good source of vitamins A and D in natural ratios is fermented cod liver oil which contains no fillers. It is also a prebiotic and is highly anti-inflammatory.


They have a good reputation, i am using solgar and have no hesitation, but i have seen them list some nasties in there products regardless. A lot less then a cheap/poor quality vitamin producer granted but i still have check product by product.

It’s strange but i guess there is no viable substitute in some cases…

As far as fish oils i’m suppose to be taking vegepa a super rich concentrated fish oil [Vegepa E-EPA 70- pure ethyl-EPA with anti-inflammatory GLA]. Unfortunately i lost the bottles, if i find them again and use them can i skip the vitamin a?

I found they caused digestive problems.