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Vegan Catlady
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TheXtremisT;56050 wrote:
Thanks! That is a wealth of information, of which I will put to good use.
Just what I needed to hear.

For my theory on catching the mono somewhat – these lymphatic symptoms have lasted almost a month. So I’m wondering if that’s probable. I’d expect so since after a cold/flu my lymphatic system is still on high alert for up to 3 weeks even after the illness has disappeared.

Its totally normal to have your lymph swell and feel congested after being sick and when exposed to mono or any virus. I think your spot-on there.

I would watch it closely, just incase you dont throw it off so easily (although you sound like your handling it ok). I remember when my brother had mono, his neck looked like he had gumballs in them.
Since you already know way more than we did back then, you are probably fighting it just fine.

This tea at the grocery store is a good lymph/blood/liver push:
Has the added benefit of having candida-fighters in there too.

Get better soon!