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Vegan Catlady;56038 wrote:

Cat Lady, what kind of tinctures are you taking at the moment?
I’m having nettle leaf tea, seems helpful for a few hours, but need to support my adrenals to boost my immune system. I’ve noticed some symptoms (lymph-related) seem to come for a month, then go for a month. All seems like my immune system’s compromised at the same time.

A theory (unlikely) is that my roomate at college recently had mono really bad (coughing all over the place), and our shared room is TINY. I’m wondering if my body’s been exposed to it and is weakened. Similar story in November with people close to me with colds (resulted in me catching one).

I’ve had testing twice for my thyroid, and both have come back fine. I have many similar symptoms to hypothyroidism, so I’m doubting how extensive they were. So it could be adrenal-related.

Every time I make a bad diet choice for me, I feel fatigue and extreme coldness.
Im in Florida and its warm, but on those days I need the heat on!

My naturopath says that the thyroid can behave inadequately when your adrenals and other glands are not working correctly, and that it doesnt mean there is something wrong with the thyroid.

This is good, because my thyroid tests (several) have all come back fine too.

There is a direct pattern between candida flare-ups and thyroid symptoms.

I dont think your mono-theory is so unlikely. Sometimes fighting an illness taking hold can wipe you out temporarily.

I used to take Gaia’s Red Clover Supreme 3X a day for lymph/blood/kidney cleansing.
I dont anymore, because I use teas to put my other tinctures in, and the teas do the same job as the redclover tincture.
If I was serious about lymph cleansing/moving,Id probably do Lymph 1 Cellular Botanicals…but I dont have lymph issues anymore.

The other tinctures I take are Adrenal Support by Dr Morse Cellular Botanicals
and Endocrine Balance, which according to the pamphlet addresses pineal,pituitary,thymus,thyroid,parathyroid,pancreas,adrenals, ovaries,prostate.

The first thing I noticed was that within a few days, my mood and attitude was better.
Apparently it can affect the neurotransmitters faster than it can affect other issues of adrenal fatigue. This was good, because Im super-stressed and had moments of wanting to give up.

On my bad-choices days (I experiment alot) I do Herb Pharm’s Calendula Tincture.
This addresses both candida and lymph.

Thanks! That is a wealth of information, of which I will put to good use.
Just what I needed to hear.

For my theory on catching the mono somewhat – these lymphatic symptoms have lasted almost a month. So I’m wondering if that’s probable. I’d expect so since after a cold/flu my lymphatic system is still on high alert for up to 3 weeks even after the illness has disappeared.