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Haha Vegan Catlady, if I didn’t want advice I wouldn’t have posted to a public forum! I’ll look into some youtube videos.

Raster, I’ve been taking Adrenal Rebuilder supplements as prescribed by my naturopath. I’ve seen two naturopaths now, but both insist I should be better within 2 weeks which has been frustrating. I trust one of the naturopaths, she killed my glandular fever a couple of years back within 2 weeks, but the other I couldn’t take too seriously (told me to take bicarb soda and sarsaparilla root every morning which would fix it in a week). My diet consists of lots of red meat, fish, eggs, vegetables (excluding potatoes and carrots), coconut, no dairy, no gluten, no sugar but recently raspberries/grapefruit. I incorporate a lot of garlic and grass fed butter into my cooking also. I’ll definitely look into SF722. Where do you get your probiotics? I’m currently taking Inner Health Plus and Candex daily. Do you guys use iherb?

Once again I appreciate your time guys, thanks.