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If depression is your number one problem I’d be very careful with adopting a strict, restricted diet. Especially if you are not completely sure if Candida overgrowht is a problem. I just remember my own depression getting worse when I was on the diet; low carb and depression aren’t exactly a good match. Of course just focusing on cleaning your diet and choosing healthy whole foods that you digest without problems can already help a lot too. Might be a place to start at least? So as to not do anything too extreme, as it sounds like your body’s just been through a huge change and probably dealing with a lot of stress. So if the potatoes work well for you, give you no digestive trouble etc, keep them.

There is so much focus on “killing the candida” when in fact candida is something that naturally exists in the gut. The problem is when it overgrows, and then the question is what caused the overgrowth and how to bring things back into balance. In the beginning of the treatment I was too set on just fixing the problem: just had to kill the candida and everything would be ok. But it is a lot more complicated than that, I’ve learned. What ever you end up doing just remember to support your body, and yourself. Your liver is probably already stressed due to previous alcohol use so I don’t think the cleanse is a good idea. Check the die off post (I think it’s under the stickies) to make sure you do something about minimising any die off and supporting the liver; and it might be a good idea to start slowly on the antifungals.

Good luck! And give yourself some credit for overcoming a drinking problem. You are on your way to better health 🙂