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kimtastically wrote: Hey just a quick question! I have just been eating vegetables off of the approved vegetables list for the cleanse on the website. Yesterday I added eggs because I needed some protein to get through work. My question is this morning I woke up with a cramp in my calf that lasted for a few hours and then later on my had was cramping up too, right in between my knuckles where I have had a candida rash before. I don’t think this is die off, but it might be? My first thought was I’m not getting enough potassium. Since I can’t eat banana’s I was wondering if anyone knows of any veggies on the list high in potassium or maybe what else this could be? Thanks so much (:

I would suggest a good mineral supplement which contains potassium as well as other minerals. You should also have a separate calcium/magnesium supplement containing the following amounts.

Calcium: 1000 mg or 100% daily value
Magnesium: 400 mg or 100$ daily value
Zinc: 15-25 mg or 100-167% daily value
These can usually be purchased together in one pill. Usually the amounts in one pill mean that you need 3 pills a day after each a meal. This may or may not contain zinc, if it doesn’t don’t worry, but these supplements often do.