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Sorry to hear about your staph infection. HOpe you feel better soon!

The antibiotics will definitely put a pounding on your good flora in your stomach but you can probably limit the damage the antibiotics will do but sticking as close as you can to the anticandida diet and trying to keep whole food antifungal foods like Brussels sprouts, rutabaga and Extra virgin coconut oil. I’m pretty sure the ECVO is fine to take while on antibiotics although you may want to get confirmation from an expert like raster or able.

And the other important thing would be to try your best to stay up on probiotics. Make sure you wait at least 3 hours after you take the antibiotics before taking the probiotic so it’s not killed or cancelled off by the antibiotic.

This will help keep your flora numbers up while the antibiotics are nuking everything. This way you won’t be so far behind when you are done the antibiotics.

That’s what I would do anyways.